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Strange Bedfellows drabble series master list

Beyond The Deadline [James Lester, Helen Cutter] [12]
In The Future [James Lester, Helen Cutter] [12]
History Lesson [James Lester, Helen Cutter] [12]
An Arrangement [James Lester, Helen Cutter, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Reactions [James Lester, Helen Cutter, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
To Have And Have Not [James Lester, Helen Cutter, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Regrets [Helen Cutter] [12]
Can't Afford Not To Act [Helen Cutter, James Lester] [12]
The Long Walk [James Lester, Helen Cutter, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Mad Dogs And Englishmen [James Lester, Helen Cutter, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Playing Games [James Lester, Helen Cutter, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Substitution [James Lester, Helen Cutter, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
The Price Of Distraction [James Lester, Helen Cutter, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Where The Hell? [James Lester] [12]
Following Procedure [James Lester] [12]
Reminiscing [James Lester] [12]
Kindred Spirits [Helen Cutter] [12]
Opening Move [James Lester, Helen Cutter, Clones] [12]
Just Didn't Understand [Clone] [12]
Maybe? [James Lester, Helen Cutter, Clone] [12]
Needing To Be Clandestine [Helen Cutter, Clones] [15]
If At First You Don't Succeed [Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Taking A Chance [Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Someone To Lean On [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC), Clone] [12]
Escape? [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC), Clone] [12]
Signs Of Life [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC), Clone] [12]
Forgotten [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC), Clone] [12]
Cutting Threads [James Lester] [12]
Seeing What Waits Beyond [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Never A Fan Of Halloween [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Things Just Got Worse [James Lester, (Jon Lyle (OC), Clone (OC)) [12]
And Even Worse [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC), OCs] [12]
What Was Foretold [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC), OC] [12]
Making Deals [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC), OC] [12]
The Shadow, The Warrior And The Unborn [James Lester, OC (Jon Lyle (OC), Clone (OC)] [12]
No Need To Worry... [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Naughty Or Nice? [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Interlude [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Ringing In The Change [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC), OC] [12]
Struggling For Control [James Lester/Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
An Unstoppable Tide [James Lester, Jon Lyle(OC)] [12]
Things I'd Rather Be Doing [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Choices Made [James Lester] [12]
Peace Talks [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]
Against A Tricky Foe [Jon Lyle (OC), OC] [12]
Showing Respect [Jon Lyle (OC), James Lester] [12]
At The Scene [Clone] [12]
The Best Feeling In The World [Clone] [12]
Behind The Waterfall [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC), Clone, Witch] [12]
The Final Test? [James Lester] [12]
Returning Home? [James Lester, Hilary Becker, Tom Ryan] [12]
All's Well That Ends Well [James Lester, Jon Lyle(OC)] [12]

Christmas Fears [James Lester/Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]

The Easter Bunny [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC)] [12]

I'm Late [James Lester, Jon Lyle, OC] [12]

And Now Trolls [James Lester/Jon Lyle (OC), Lars (OC)] [15]
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