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Primeval drabble: Waiting
Lester: down but not out
Title: Waiting
Author: knitekat
Word Count: 100
Characters: James Lester(/Tom Ryan), OC
Rating: 15
Disclaimer: Primeval belongs to Impossible Pictures. Certainly not me. Writing for fun and will replace.
A/N: For the P100 challenge 462: A&E. Sequel to Stay With Me. Thanks go to Fred for looking it over for me.

Lester sat on the uncomfortable chair in A&E, staring at the blood staining his trousers. Ryan's blood and far too much of it. He forced himself to look away, staring at the clock as he waited, his hope growing with each minute.

He tensed when his arm was touched, a concerned voice asking if he was injured. He blinked, focussing on the nurse's uniform before he shook his head, unable to utter a word.

She left him to his thoughts, only to return to press a far-too-sweet tea into his trembling hands with a smile he recognised as too practised.

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Oh, dear, there are times when being too perceptive is not a good thing.
Poor Lester.

Lester would agree right at this moment.

Thanks for reading.

Oh, dear, poor Lester! *hugs him*

Lester, for once, will accept the hug.

Thanks for reading.

*nods* He's hoping that no news is good news.

Thanks for reading.

Poor Lester, poor Ryan, poor nurse! ANGST!!

At least he's alive

Angst-alert! Not so sure about the poor nurse unless Lester's going to snark at her ;)

*nods* Ryan is. Lester is very happy about that.

Thanks for reading.

He's not a happy Lester at the moment.

Thanks for reading.

Yeah, not his blood. Great drabble, this was very atmospheric, but when will we know if Ryan is okay??

I think Lester, for once, would prefer it if it was his blood.

Glad you liked it... when a prompt fits? ;)

Thanks for reading.

Eeek, that's definitely scary!

Thanks, good to know it worked. Poor James is hoping for a happy ending even with the scary.

Thanks for reading and for looking it over for me.

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