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Bingo Card 9
Lester: down but not out
Festivals and Celebrations -
Ice Age Birthday
The Theatre Habits and Routines -
Home, James
In the Tunnels / Under the Ground - Underground Magical Creatures
Thief - All-NighterCurtainfic (and similar) - Watching One of the Dispossessed - The Little Things Betrayal - ReasonsContentment
- Now Home
Loathing - RememberFrankencritters Wild CardSomeone calls in a Favour - Calling In A Favour Heat
Marriage (Arranged or Otherwise) To the highest bidder: Auctions and Slavefic Abandonment - LeftFade to Black - Celebrating SpringLove without Hope - Once Bitten
Sensual Pleasures -Don't Leave Me Like ThisIt was a Decoy / Feint / Distraction - That's Not The Point Secrets and Lies - The Meeting Dystopias Pirate AU === types: fandom

Mmm... any suggestions welcome. If the muse bites ;)


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