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Primeval drabble masterlist 2


To The Future [Nick Cutter, (Claudia Brown)] [12]

Always Try Again [Helen Cutter] [18]

Worried [James Lester/Jon Lyle] [12]

Maybe Not Perfectly Fine [Nick Cutter, James Lester] [12]

Adequate [Claudia Brown, James Lester] [12]

Spring Is In The Air [Emily Merchant, Finn (OC), OCs] [12]

Through The Gateway [Emily Merchant, Tom Ryan] [12]

Come Out With Me? [Tom Ryan, James Lester] [12]

An Amazing Idea [Stephen Hart, (Nick Cutter, Connor Temple)] [12]

Subterfuge [Helen Cutter, Oliver Leek, James Lester] [12]

Always [Connor Temple, James Lester] [12]

Another Chance [James Lester, Danny Quinn] [12]

It's A Dinosaur! [James Lester/Matt Anderson] [12]

Christine Johnson [James Lester, Christine Johnson] [12]

Reasons [James Lester, Christine Johnson] [12]

Knowledge [Matt Anderson, (Christine Johnson)] [12]

Underground [Matt Anderson] [15]

The Hunt [Future Predator, (James Lester, Monty the Mammoth)] [15]

Survival Instinct [Stephen Hart, Nick Cutter] [15]

Misplaced Trust [Stephen Hart/James Lester][12]

The Blazing Midday Sun [Sarah Page] [12]

Research [Sarah Page] [12]

Now Home [James Lester(/Danny Quinn)] [12]

Old Friends [James Lester, Hilary Becker] [12]

This Won't Do [James Lester, Monty] [12]

Calling In A Favour [James Lester, (Evan Cross)] [12]

Scars [Stephen Hart] [15]

Gift Horse [The Dean (OC)] [12]

Dinner Date [James Lester, (Nick Cutter)] [12]

And It Was Only Tuesday [James Lester] [12]

Deal Breaker? [Danny Quinn/James Lester] [12]

That's Not The Point [James Lester, Danny Quinn] [12]

Left [Rex, James Lester, Monty] [12]

Nemesis [Sid, Nancy, James Lester] [12]

The End Of An Era? [James Lester, (Christine Johnson)] [12]

Facing The Enemy [Tom Ryan, James Lester, OC, OS] [15]

Bullseye [Finn (OC), Ryan] [12]

Looking For Proof [Helen Cutter] [12]

Helen Cutter [Helen Cutter] [15]

Something So Cold [Jess Parker] [15]

She Would Do This [Jess Parker, James Lester] [15]

Not Without A Fight [Abby Maitland] [12]

Most Deadly [James Lester] [12]

Clean Up [Monty, Danny Quinn, James Lester] [12]

Monty [Monty, Tom Ryan, James Lester] [12]

Remember [James Lester] [12]

Maybe The World Would Remember Him For That [Philip Burton] [12]

Inside Information [Philip Burton] [12]

Jenny Lewis [Jenny Lewis, (James Lester, Nick Cutter)] [12]

The Time Tribe [Emily Merchant, Ethan Dobrowski] [12]

Just The Right Touch Of Class [James Lester] [12]

Discussions [James Lester, Stephen Hart] [12]
A Fresh Start? [James Lester, Stephen Hart] [12]

Centre Of A Web [James Lester] [12]

The Deadliest Flu Season! [James Lester] [15]

Return To Sender [James Lester, Sid, Nancy, (Connor Temple)] [12]

Just A Thought [James Lester, Hilary Becker] [12]

The Little Things [Nick Cutter] [12]

Eclipse [James Lester, Tom Ryan, Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart] [12]

Watching [(Stephen Hart/Nick Cutter)] [12]

All-Nighter [James Lester/Christine Johnson] [12]

The Winter Sun [James Lester, Nick Cutter, (Team)] [12]

Veneer [James Lester, (Helen Cutter, Nick Cutter] [15]

Don't Leave Me Like This [Danny Quinn/James Lester] [18]

Just One Damned Thing After Another [James Lester, Abby Maitland, Matt Anderson] [12]

In The Dark [James Lester] [12]

First Signs Of Hope [James Lester] [12]

Home, James [James Lester/Tom Ryan] [12]

Ice Age Birthday [James Lester/Connor Temple] [12]

Ice Age Birthday II [James Lester/Connor Temple, Monty] [12]

Once Bitten [James Lester, (Tom Ryan)] [12]

Lines [James Lester, Christine Johnson] [15]

Too Many Cooks [James Lester] [12]

Too Hot To Handle [James Lester] [12]

Distracted [James Lester, (Danny Quinn)] [12]

Heads Or Tails [Danny Quinn/James Lester] [15]

Stolen Goods [James Lester, Connor Temple, Sid & Nancy] [12]

Jurassic World [James Lester/Connor Temple] [12]

No Regrets [James Lester/unknown] [12]

Bucket List [James Lester/Matt Anderson] [15]

Crowd-Control [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC) - set in The ARC Files 'verse] [15]

Matt And Twitter Don't Mix [James Lester(/Matt Anderson), Abby Maitland, Connor Temple] [15]

Sixth [Stephen Hart/James Lester] [15]

Those Carefree Days [James Lester(/Christine Johnson)] [12]

North And South [Danny Quinn/James Lester] [18]

First Encounter [James Lester, Christine Johnson] [12]

International (Non-)Cooperation [James Lester, Blade (OC), OC] [12]

Pest Control [James Lester] [12]

Emily [Emily Merchant, (James Lester)] [15]

Causing Chaos [James Lester, (Jon Lyle (OC))] [12]

Nick [Stephen Hart, (Nick Cutter)] [12]

In The Public Eye [James Lester] [12]

Hazard Pay [James Lester, Jenny Lewis] [12]

Needed [Hilary Becker(/James Lester)] [12]

A Thorough Check-Up [Hilary Becker, Shotgun] [12]

Only If You Want It [James Lester/Ditzy (OC)] [18]

Fireworks [James Lester, Sid, Nancy] [12]

Scars [James Lester/Hilary Becker] [18]

A Fresh Start [Original Character] [12]

Fell Behind [Hilary Becker] [18 - Deathfic]

Respect [James Lester/Danny Quinn] [15]

Anniversary [James Lester/Danny Quinn] [15]

In Capable Hands [James Lester/Jon Lyle(OC), OC] [12]

Unanswered Questions [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC)] [15]

Where's It Gone? [Tom Ryan/James Lester] [12]

Green Fingers [James Lester/Matt Anderson] [12]

Talented [James Lester/Matt Anderson] [18]

Winter Is Coming [James Lester/(Connor Temple] [12]

Naughty Or Nice [James Lester/Matt Anderson] [12/15]

Inevitably [James Lester, Danny Quinn] [12]

Christmas Lights [James Lester, Connor Temple] [12]

Christmas Pudding [James Lester, Danny Quinn, Jenny Lewis] [12]

Merry Christmas [James Lester/Christine Johnson, Kids (OC)] [12]

New Year Resolution [Nick Cutter] [12]
One More Chance [Stephen Hart, Nick Cutter] [12]

The Favourite [Tom Ryan, Jon Lyle (OC)] [15]

Questions [Nick Cutter, OC] [12]

Snow And Ice [James Lester] [12]

Prided [James Lester] [15]

Full House [Becker, Finn (OC), OCs] [15]

Regrets? [James Lester, (Connor Temple)] [12]

Forever Alone [Helen Cutter] [12]

Into The Light [Helen Cutter] [12]

Just In Time [Tom Ryan, Nick Cutter] [12]
Just In Time II [Stephen Hart, Tom Ryan] [15]
Just In Time III [Nick Cutter, Helen Cutter, Stephen Hart] [15]

Not Everything On The Internet Is True [Connor Temple, Matt Anderson(/James Lester)] [12]

Obsession [Connor Temple] [12]

Thankful [James Lester(/Connor Temple, Danny Quinn)] [12]

In The Line Of Duty [James Lester] [15]

After Her Day From Hell [Claudia Brown/unidentified] [12]

Keep Your Friends Close [James Lester, OCs] [12]

Last Minute Panic! [James Lester] [12]

Changes [Hilary Becker, James Lester] [15]

You Shouldn't Be Here [Tom Ryan, James Lester] [15]

Silver Lining (For Once) [James Lester(/Hilary Becker)] [12]

Out Of Reach [Hilary Becker/James Lester] [12]

Thwarted Plans [Sid, (Nancy), James Lester] [12]

Butterflies [Hilary Becker(/James Lester)] [12]
Dinner Reservations [Hilary Becker/James Lester] [12]

Under The Sea [James Lester/Hilary Becker] [12]

Twice The Trouble [James Lester, Hilary Becker, Sid and Nancy] [12]

Persuasive [Cerise (OC), Ditzy (OC), James Lester] [12]

Celebrations [Blade (OC)/James Lester] [12]

Watching The Pretty [OC] [12]

Pup Blues [Becker, Allen Becker (OC), Pups] [12]

Haunted [Ryan Mason, (Jenny Lewis, Connor Temple)] [12]

Things That Are Difficult To Deal With [Tom Ryan/James Lester] [12]

Confession Is Good For The Soul [Tom Ryan, James Lester] [12]

Confessions [Matt Anderson, James Lester] [12]

Remembered? [Oliver Leek, James Lester, OC] [12]

Open For Business [James Lester] [12]

Expedited [Stephen Hart, (James Lester)] [12]

The Fall [Stephen Hart] [15]
He Had To Find Them [Stephen Hart] [15]

Growing Old, (Dis)Gracefully [Hilary Becker, Stephen Hart, Jon Lyle(OC), OCs] [15]

Revelation At Stonehenge [Stephen Hart, OCs] [12]
Leaving [Stephen Hart, (Nick Cutter, Helen Cutter)] [12]

Autumn [Helen Cutter] [15]

In Sickness And In Health [James Lester] [18]

Penny For Them [James Lester/Matt Anderson] [12]

Well, That Could Have Gone Better [Danny Quinn, James Lester] [12]

Pennies For The Guy [Danny Quinn, (Patrick Quinn)] [12]

To New Friends [James Lester, (Philip Burton)] [12]

Silent Night [James Lester, Connor Temple, Jenny Lewis] [12]

Shared Doubts [Connor Temple/James Lester] [12]

No Room At The Inn [Tom Ryan, (James Lester, Nick Cutter/Stephen Hart)] [12]

New Year, Same Old Problems [James Lester] [12]

Priorities [James Lester] [12]

Gone Fishing [James Lester/Blade(OC)] [12]

First Class [Stephen Hart/Nick Cutter] [12]

Remembered Loss [Stephen Hart, Tom Ryan] [12]

Not So Invisible [James Lester, OC] [12]

The Trouble With Pollen [James Lester/Tom Ryan] [15]

The Internet Has Much To Answer For [James Lester, Jenny Lewis, Jess Parker] [15]

Return The Favour [Tom Ryan, Sarah Page] [15]

Isis Eights [James Lester/Christine Johnson] [12]

It's Life, Jim, But Not As We Know t [James Lester, Connor Temple, Nick Cutter] [15]

The Office Party [James Lester, Nick Cutter] [12]

The Second Incident [James Lester/Nick Cutter] [15]

A Very Unfortunate Place For An Anomaly To Appear [James Lester, Jon Lyle (OC), The Minister (OC)] [12]

On Safari [Danny Quinn/James Lester] [15]

Castling [James Lester, Jenny Lewis] [15]

Haunted House [OCs] [15]

The Missing Piece [Nick Cutter/Tom Ryan] [12]

Still Had A Chance [Danny Quinn, James Lester] [12]

Authographes And Selfies [James Lester, Abby Maitland, Team] [12]

Neighbours [OCs, (James Lester)] [12]

Christmas Past And Present [James Lester] [15]

Christmas Bake Off: Anomaly Special [James Lester, The Minister, OCs] [12]

Counting Down The Days [James Lester/Tom Ryan] [12]

New Beginnings [Matt Anderson] [12]

Unfortunate [James Lester/unnamed] [18]

Domestic Emergency [James Lester/Connor Temple] [18]

Destroyer Of Worlds [Unnamed Character] [18]

Friends And Maybe Lovers [James Lester/Unidentified] [12]

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing [James Lester - Cry Wolf 'verse] [12]
Mostly Harmless [James Lester, OCs - Cry Wolf 'verse] [15]
Fast Food [Helen Cutter, James Lester - Cry Wolf 'verse] [15]
Never Giving Up [Helen Cutter - Cry Wolf 'verse] [12]

Stargazing [James Lester/Matt Anderson] [15]

Dawn Chorus [James Lester, Connor Temple] [15]

Comfort Eating [James Lester, Sid & Nancy [12]

A Body In The Library [OCs - set in The ARC Files 'verse] [15]

A Crack In The Ice [Stephen Hart, Nick Cutter, Sarah Page] [15]

False Alarm? [OCs] [15]

What More Do You Want? [Stephen Hart, Nick Cutter] [12]
It Takes Two[Nick Cutter, Stephen Hart] [12]

Persistent [James Lester, OC] [12]

It's The Principal [Hilary Becker, James Lester] [15]

The Missing Link [Hilary Becker/James Lester] [15]

Little White Lies Aren't So Little Or Innocent [James Lester] [15]

At The Park [Hilary Becker, Jon Lyle (OC), Connor Temple] [12]

Ewwwww! [Stephen Hart, Tom Ryan, (Finn, SFOC)] [15]

As Changeable As The Weather [Hilary Becker, James Lester] [12]

Encyclopaedic [James Lester, Stephen Hart, Team] [12]

Icelandic Ventures [James Lester/Jon Lyle] [15]

Knock, Knock, Knocking On Heaven's Door [Tom Ryan(/Connor Temple), Nick Cutter] [15]

Terminology [James Lester/Connor Temple] [12]

The Hardest Thing [James Lester/Matt Anderson, OC] [18]

Enclosed Spaces [James Lester/Matt Anderson] [15]

Not One Of Lester's Better Days [James Lester] [12]
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